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kerpatty's Journal

in this great seksual escapade i have so fervently called life...i have begun to realise that our true seksual battering rams within can only be contained for so long...until they shrivel in sorrow. so i have created this livejournal.
this livejournal will be as seksual as i have always longed to be. and you will see in my entires that i am one of the few who have TRUELY released their great seksual bossoms within. because then...and ONLY then...will the true seksuality of nihils hairy back come into the light.

i will write my stories of the seksual seks i have encountered with nihil...and the relief efforts of the great seksual depression of '93.
it was a dark time for us all.

as the police have said to me (for breaking and entering into nihils home because he did not give me the key!!!) many a time:
"you fucken asshole"...
i believe this applies to the child in all of us.